Organic No GMO

There are a lot of discussions happening right now in the media as well as around the kitchen table about whether or not genetically modified food is okay for humans to eat. Studies are coming out with conflicting information about the safety of GMO food and it’s leaving consumers confused about what they should and shouldn’t be eating. Simply Real Foods Market has made it our business to help provide people with the healthiest products possible to feed their families and there is a reason we’ve chosen to keep GMO products out of our selection. Here are three reasons you might want to keep them out of your kitchen, too:

  • Some GMO foods are resistant to herbicides…and that’s not a good thing. Some companies are creating crops that can be sprayed with toxic chemicals such as RoundUp weed killer and survive. Once those crops are sprayed with these chemicals, though, they can be harvested and passed on to humans. No one is sure about the effects those chemicals could have both on the crops and on the people who consume them.
  • Some studies have shown that GMO crops have left lasting damage on the animals who consumed them. There are studies that cite damage to major organs such as the kidney, liver, and heart.
  • They are bad for the environment, too. Not only does the evidence point to the fact that GMO products are bad for us, they are bad for our Earth as well. GMO crops use more herbicides and pesticides, which run off into our water. They can also destroy the quality of the soil and cross-pollinate with wild breeds, eliminating natural varieties.

All of these factors, along with many, many, others, led Simply Real Foods Market to the decision that avoiding GMO products was better for us and better for our customers. You can purchase from us knowing that all of the food you receive is carefully chosen because it’s non-GMO, dye-free, clean foods and…affordable. Sign up with us today and feel good about what you are feeding your family.