1. Superfood Chocolate Protein Balls Recipe

    With a fast-paced life, you need a nutritionally-sound snack to support your body as you run through your to-do list. You want it fast, you want it easy and you want it kid-friendly if you’re a parent! Well, if you’re looking for an easy, fast and nutritious snack recipe, you’re in luck - these Superfood Chocolate Protein Balls will fill all your requirements. They are tasty, vegan, dairy- a…Read More

  2. Now Foods and Nick’s Sticks Snack Pack Giveaway!

    *This giveaway is now closed! Congratulations to the winner - Ellen B! We hope you enjoy all the goodies from Now Foods and Nick's Sticks. Thank you for entering and sharing!* Keeping your pantry stocked with healthy snack options is a great way to ensure you always have something satisfying to eat, especially if you've got a busy schedule! Last week we shared 12 healthy snack ideas for on-the-go…Read More

  3. 12 Healthy Snacks for On-the-Go Moms

    When it comes to snacking, moms - especially busy moms - are often left with “whatever.” Leftovers the kids didn’t touch, some fruit snacks that were at the bottom of your purse, or worse yet that empty wrapper. With everything it takes to work, manage a family, and get kids to and from all of their daily activities, it’s not surprising that a lot of moms put their own needs on the back bu…Read More

  4. Recipe: Easy Gluten-Free Pancake Mini Muffins

    Looking for an easy and allergy-friendly breakfast? Look no further! There's no need to stand over a griddle when making these Easy Gluten-Free Pancake Mini Muffins. Using high-quality GMO-free ingredients from our shop, you can feel great about having these any time you want! These easy-to-make, gluten-free mini pancake muffins use minimal ingredients, taste amazing, and you can feel good about s…Read More

  5. 40 Things to Make with Honey

    Honey is an incredibly versatile ingredient in both food and natural remedies. It has been used for both food and medicine since ancient times, and is still just as popular today. Raw honey has a myriad of benefits; it can boost energy, help with weight loss, can help heal burns and wounds, is chock full of antioxidants, nourishes skin, helps soothe sore throats and suppress coughs, and so much mo…Read More

  6. You Are What You Eat

    Summer is in motion, which means days spent poolside. We've been working a little harder at the gym to prepare for our pool debut, but aren’t seeing the results that we want. Why is it that all of our hard work isn’t showing more drastic results. You know that saying, “You are what you eat.”? Well it is true, we can work super hard at the gym, but without demonstrating the same self-contro…Read More

  7. The Simplicity Of Ordering Clean Food and Products Online

    Welcome to Simple Real Foods Market! We are your healthy full line grocery store... online! We make eating healthy and convenient with three easy steps to have your groceries delivered directly to your door. We offer a huge selection of only non-GMO food products, beverages, supplements and vitamins, non-toxic beauty care, natural care and home care items, as well as pet supplies.  All of our pro…Read More

  8. 3 Reasons to Choose Non-GMO Food For Your Family

    There are a lot of discussions happening right now in the media as well as around the kitchen table about whether or not genetically modified food is okay for humans to eat. Studies are coming out with conflicting information about the safety of GMO food and it's leaving consumers confused about what they should and shouldn't be eating. Simply Real Foods Market has made it our business to help pro…Read More

  9. Easy DIY Salt Body Scrub

    Body scrubs definitely fall under the ‘inexpensive, easy to make gifts’ category.  And, with the holiday’s right around the corner, it’s a fun one for the kids to make for Mom or a teacher.  You can customize the scrub with oils and scents. Ingredients: Sea Salt (fine ground)* OR Epsom salt (1 cup) Oil: almond, grapeseed, avocado, coconut, sunflower OR olive oil (½ cup) Essential Oil (5…Read More