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Judy is a former electronics engineer, turned mom, blogger about natural living and the driving force behind Simply Real Foods Market. She’s passionate about learning, sharing and creating a more natural lifestyle in an urban environment, the benefits of eating real foods and the journey of holistic healing.




Allie T_USE_150pxAllie is the youngest member of our writers. Though young, she’s pretty savvy about living healthy and nutrition. And, and she’s rather good in the kitchen too; she’s learned to ferment and culture foods as well as create some awesome recipes of her own using real foods. Allie loves animals and hopes to one day own a farm and many dogs!




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Marian is a gluten-free coach, speaker, blogger, and an author of eZ Gluten-Free LifeHer mission with eZ Gluten-Free Life’s is to create a clear and direct path to converting one’s life to living gluten-free.Having acquired skills and knowledge to make this transition easier for people, Marian provides coaching and speaking engagements. She has also written gluten-free reference guides which furnish people with usable, everyday tools in their gluten-free lives.



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Toni Sicola is a wellness professional, holistic nutrition expert, wellness coach, blogger, and food enthusiast. In addition to running her blog at cultivatedwellbeing.com, Toni’s been in the corporate wellness industry for years, managing a hospital wellness program, and most recently at tech startup. LIVZO. Her triumph over her own personal health challenges has fueled her passion for helping others achieve optimal health and well-being. Sowing the seeds of a sweet, rich life, encompasses her mission of spreading holistic health to the masses.